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Taken from the Hebrew slang word, NU meaning C’mon, NU Campaign connects people to the humanitarian spirit, kindness and compassion of Israel, while making a difference in people’s lives in Israel, the Middle East and throughout the world. Inspired by the story of Ella Abekasis, an 11-year-old girl who fatefully saved her brothers life from an incoming rocket attack in the Southern Israeli city of Sderot in 2004, we printed her story on the inside of a T-shirt by the wearers heart with the hope that others would spread the word wherever they go. Since then our shirts have sold worldwide and today through unique educational tours, activism workshops and apparel campaigns we aim to deepen people’s understanding of Israel and make other important stories heard!

So NU? What You Waiting For!?

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Social Impact Tours

Discover the stories; meet the people and visit the places changing the lives of millions of people in Israel & worldwide!

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Change Makers Workshop

Empower your group, team or family to make an impact by designing awesome T-shirts & apparel to support a cause important to you!

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Book-Signing Event & Talk

Come on an epic journey into the humanitarian side of Israel based on the stories and narratives of United Nation, by NU founder David Kramer, published by Urim Publishers.

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Bar & Bat Mitzvah AcTEEvism

Use your special coming-of-age occasion to make an impact in this world and empower your family and guests at your function to make a difference!

Wear The Story By Your Heart

Every shirt printed with the story, inside, by the heart!

Live With Passion!

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