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priligy uk In 2005, a young girl Ella Abekasis, from the Israeli border town of Sderot, saved her brothers life from an incoming rocket attack, by lying him down in the middle of the street and covering him with her body. Tragically, the rocket landed right next to them and she was killed from the shrapnel of the rocket, however, saving her brothers life. Ella’s story moved us to the point, that in 2009, we took it and printed on the inside of a t-shirt, by the wearers heart, so that others would carry this young girl’s bravery and love for her brother wherever they go and feel inspired to spread its message. The rest is history and today we empower people to use the power of art, design and creativity to tell other important stories that are burning to be told!

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Impact! еncourage NU works with charities, start-up companies, entrepreneurs, artists, student groups and individuals from all over the world to spread ideas and initiatives that are making a positive contribution to society and the world. Every shirt we produce is custom made and printed with the story on the inside of the shirt, at the place where the cloth touches the heart. We have worked with people in over 30 countries worldwide and we are always looking for new projects and people to collaborate with!

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еarn prescription retinol Whether you are a charity, start-up company, entrepreneur; school; community etc. there are a number of awesome ways to get involved with NU. Everyone has a unique story to tell and we have seen that if people are given the right tools, they can make an impact in the most impactful way!

NU TEAM influence NU is the product of a talented and passionate group of people motivated to make a positive impact in this world! Founded in 2010 by David Kramer, NU operates from Israel and works with people and organizations worldwide!