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While attending a global conference against racism, NU founder David Kramer was violently assaulted by a mob for wearing a T-shirt with a Star Of David on it and witnessed up-close the ignorance, intolerance and hatred that is so prevalent in the world today. Besides that incident he experienced the most vile forms of anti-Semitism expressed in posters, flyers and false accusations about Jewish people and the State of Israel. That motivated David to launch NU, a global movement and educational initiative aiming to empower today’s generation to take a stand against evil and hatred by being creative and innovative and bringing light into the world!


NU works with charities, entrepreneurs, artists, soldiers, peace-activists, students and others, giving people the opportunity to use their talents and creativity to impact their peers and communities! We worked with students from France following a terrorist attack in their city targeting Jewish people; with Bostonian students after the Boston marathon attack in 2013; with student leaders from the Israeli city of Sderot who have endured endless terror rocket attacks targeting their homes; with Israeli soldiers defending their country and with Jewish and Arab students looking to build bridges in their societies and so many more.

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We offer schools, organizations, groups and companies a number of highly impactful educational and advocacy opportunities, empowering people to change the world in the most relevant way!


NU is the product of a talented and passionate group of people motivated to make a positive impact in this world! Founded in 2010 by David Kramer, NU operates from Israel and works with schools, communities and individuals worldwide. We are an email away!