Founded in 2010

Inspired by the story of a young girl who fatefully saved her brother’s life, in the Southern Israeli city of Sderot, facing an incoming terror rocket, we took her story and placed it on the inside of a shirt by the wearer’s heart, so that others will wear the story, literally, by their hearts and share it, wherever they go! The shirt sold worldwide and we came to realize the power that clothing and design have for telling a story!

Finding The Common Threads

We work with schools, organizations, corporate teams and individuals using design, art, clothing and creativity to empower people to explore the most relevant issues facing their immediate and global surroundings and giving them the opportunity to make a difference and realize their potential!

Work With Us

Our workshops take place in person or online wherever you are in the world. We have worked with schools, communities and organizations worldwide and we train educators and trainers to facilitate our programs, including a full educational curriculum exploring issues of Jewish identity, Israeli society, leadership, social impact, anti-Semitism, co-existence, politics, using technology for good and self growth and development

Unique For Individuals & Teams

After this crazy year, we internalized the enormity of challenges facing individuals, communities and organizational teams worldwide and we have developed a totally unique workshop that enables people to navigate and tackle their challenges and learn unique skills and life-hacks to stay connected to their potential, goals and unique life purpose!

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