NU, is not just a word but a movement to inspire change

The Common Thread

Taken from the Hebrew slang word, NU, meaning, C'mon, NU empowers people to take action for things that bring us together!

There Is Far More That Unites Us, Than Divides Us...

Inspired by the story of a young Israeli girl, Ella Abekasis, that fatefully saved her younger brothers life in the Southern Israeli city of Sderot, in 2006, NU was founded, with the idea to use design, clothing and media as a means to unite people behind the things we have in common!

Story By The Heart

Every shirt with the story printed inside, by your heart, so that you wear it with pride, wherever you go!

Social Impact Workshop!

Empower your group and team to get behind a cause and make a difference in the most awesome way!

Team Building Events

Challenge your team to make a difference for their immediate and global surroundings in a unique volunteering and charitable experience!

Online Campaigns

Garner worldwide support for your organization, business or idea by launching your own customized digital campaign.

Bar & Bat Mitzvah Program

Turn your special occasion into an opportunity to make a difference for Israel and the Jewish people and learn the skills to become a leader!

Self Growth & Empowering Workshop

Explore what's important to you and learn the skills to keep motivated to achieve your dreams! A NU program!

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Learn The Story

State Of The Heart: Stories Of A Humanitarian Israel, by NU founder, David Kramer. Explore the motivations, philospohies and stories of people in Israel changing the world!

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