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Self-Growth Workshop

Participants are challenged to explore and discover what makes them unique and are empowered to design their own motivational “Uniform” to remind and challenge them to reach their goals!

Educate Against Hate Workshop

Participants explore the different forms of racism and prejudice in the world today and are given the opportunity to create a united message against hate in their school, community and society!

Leadership and Role-Models

An amazing chance for educators to connect students to leaders, leadership styles, role models and hero’s throughout history and in their own lives and create billboards to share the story with their peers!

Social Impact

Students brainstorm and choose a common cause or charity that unites them as a class or group and make a difference for their chosen idea by creating their own unique merchandising and marketing campaign to benefit the cause!

Creative Support

We support the entire process from workshop implementation or assistance, professional design of concept, online set-up, production and fulfillment worldwide!

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