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Our Story

NU began 10 years ago with the story of a young Israeli girl, Ella Abekasis, who fatefully saved her brother’s life, in the Southern Israeli city of Sderot, facing an incoming terror rocket. We took her story and placed it on the inside of a shirt by the wearer’s heart, with the hope that whoever wears the shirt will carry the story, literally, by their hearts and share it, “with the world!” The shirt sold worldwide and we came to realize the power that clothing and design can have for telling a story!

Your story

Take part in a one of a kind workshop where we empower you, your team, class or community to create a message or mantra for a story, idea, subject or value important to you! We turn your concept into a masterpiece design and create you your own personalized campaign where you get to offer your creation on a unique item of clothing and share it with the world!

How it works

We offer educational and training workshops for educators, corporate and organizational teams, schools, communities, coaches and more on a range of relevant topics. You can either book an online Zoom-based, in-person or self-run workshop and experience and you walk away with a full campaign including unique design, clothing product of your choice and online campaign page to share with others so they can support!

Real Impact

People in over 30 countries have supported NU Campaigns and its a great way to share and make an impact for a message, idea or cause close to your heart!


NU is the product of a talented group of people motivated to use their creativity to make a difference. Founded in 2010 by David Kramer, NU operates from Israel and works with teams, groups, schools and individuals worldwide!

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