The Humanitarian Spirit Of Israel

In content United Nation,, NU founder David Kramer takes us on a journey of Israel’s humanitarian efforts that began close to 69 years ago and continues unabated throughout the world today. In his collection of over 40 stories, personal interviews and press releases, David lays bare the benevolent and altruistic sides of the Israel nation that have been mostly hidden beneath years of censure and denunciation.

While citing details of his own personal journey from South Africa to Israel, David engages the reader with narratives that identify a more realistic perspective of life in Israel and provide a glimpse into the inner soul of the Israeli people. From rescuing victims in the aftermath of natural disasters worldwide; going undercover to help people in need in hostile dictatorships; providing life-saving solutions to people in the third world; exercising the highest levels of morality in combat zones; supplying untold amounts of aid to its Palestinian neighbors, in spite of the ongoing conflict; rallying together in times of need at home; protecting the environment and so much more, view UNITED NATION captures the unique level of concern, benevolence and uncompromising desire for the protection and welfare of human life within Israel today.