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Since 2009, NU has used the power of clothing and social media to garner support for countless charities and causes worldwide. After learning the story of Ella Abekasis, a brave young Israeli girl who fatefully saved her brother’s life from an incoming terror rocket attack, we printed her story inside the shirt, by the heart, with the hope that others would be inspired to wear her story and represent it wherever they go! Since then, our shirts have been sold in over 30 countries and we have partnered with many people to spread positive activism and unity worldwide.

Educators, charities, entrepreneurs, musicians, sportspeople and others have used NU shirts to achieve their goals. Even thousands of soldiers have worn our shirts under their uniforms in the fight against terrorism. So, NU!? What you waiting for? Join us to make a difference!

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Every shirt is printed with your story, inside, by the heart, so you wear it literally by your heart and feel inspired to spread the message wherever you go!

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