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What’s Your Story?

From the Hebrew slang word, NU, meaning, “C’mon,” we are a creative digital agency and global initiative, helping Israeli charities and Start-ups tell their story. Motivated by the story of Ella Abekasis, a young Israeli girl, who fatefully saved her brothers life, facing an incoming terror rocket attack, in 2006, we decided to print her story, on the inside of a shirt, so that others would wear it and feel empowered to share, wherever they went.

The shirt sold worldwide and today, we partner with people, charities, start-ups and causes, using creativity and digital media to make other important stories heard!

So NU? What You Waiting For!?

Wear The Story By Your Heart

Every shirt is printed with the story, inside by the heart, so you feel inspired to share with others, wherever you go!

What Makes You Tick?


Want to get involved?

Connect your favorite charity; intern with NU or take-part in the NU workshop & create apparel for things important to you